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Some Fave Podcasts

This is a list I curated back a few months ago. I could listen to these episodes forever and not get bored / constantly learn.

After On Episodes

Don Hoffman (Reality)

Sean Carroll (Quantum)

Annaka Harris (consciousness)

Naval | pt1, pt2

Ed Boyden (Neuroscience)

Laurie Santos (Happiness)

Jordan Harbinger (science of pyschopathy)

Daniel Kraft (medicine)

Psychedelic cure to depression

David Eagleman (Extending senses)

Robert Green (genetics)

Stuart Russell (AI)

Ev Williams (Medium + Twitter)

Sam Harris (Terrorism)

Steve Jurvetson (Quantum Computing)

Fermi’s Paradox

Knowledge Project

Steven Strogatz (Exploring Curiosities)

Jeff Hunter (Unlocking human potential)

Scott Adams (Avoiding Loserthink)

Sheila Heen (Decoding difficult conversations)

Josh Wolfe (Creating the future)

Tobi Lutke (Shopify)

Naval (The Angel Philosopher)

Ryan Holiday (Stoicism)

Amelia Boone (Learning to suffer)


Carol Tarvis (cognitive dissonance)

Lisa Aziz-Zadeh (embodied cognition)

Naomi Oreskes

Synchrinization in nature

Tim Ferriss

Seth Godin

Derek Sivers

Tobi Lütke

Patrick Collison

AJ Jacobs

Sam Harris

Joe Grebbia

Vince Vaughn

Arnold Schwarenegger

Hugh Jackson

Coach George

Elizabeth Gilbert

Impact Theory

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza

Become A Savage & Live On Your Own Terms | David Goggins

This Doctor Shows You How You Can Control Your Biological Age | Dr. Caroline Leaf